Bella’s About Page

My name is Bella.

I’m starting a whole-house remodel.

Something like this:

I’m so excited about it! I’m going to write this blog just for the duration of the project. I’ve never been a really avid blogger but I do like the idea of having the ins and outs of this project recorded somewhere. It will be fun to read later.

Oh, about the name of this site. For fun, I’m studying a language that’s spoken in Sri Lanka. I came across the word shuozouga. In that language, it means a new start. I thought it would be a great name for my site.

Back to the project . . . .

I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories of remodeling projects. Some of them are pretty funny.

I would like have place where I can write down the stories.

I’ll just tell you a bit about myself before I start.

I unfortunately split from husband about six months ago. He kept our family home and I moved out.

I have always wanted a bungalow on the coast. I took a long time to find one. I looked at different coastal town and a bunch of bungalows. Fortunately, I had a great realtor helping me.

I finally narrowed down my search to several bungalows in New Smyrna Beach. Each of them had features I liked, but I finally settled on one particular one. It’s close to the beach, has good bones, a good layout, a great backyard, and it’s only two blocks from the main drag.

I know I need to move some walls around, have some tile-removal done, clean out the backyard, etc.
I’m going to have lots of family visitors, I think, so I want one spare bedroom and a decent kitchen. Also,

I work from home, so I need a small office.

The backyard is just an overgrown jungle but there are a couple of trees back there and some nice bushes. I see a lot of potential for having a kind of sanctuary back there with maybe a sitting area and a path and a fountain. And some beds, of course, full of my favorite plants.

When I was with my husband, we built both of the houses we lived in. So I have been through building a house before. I have not been through a remodel, though, so I’m a little bit nervous about that.
But since I have been through the building process twice, I feel better about this project than if I had had no experience with that kind of work.

So this is a blog about my remodel. I’m excited about the project. Feel free to leave comments or give me feedback!