Remodeling Gone Wrong: First Disaster

Missing a Load Bearing Wall | A Common Remodel Problem

Well, we’ve had the first disaster of the remodeling project.

When the crew came in yesterday, in the process of removing one of the walls, part of the ceiling fell down.
I kid you not. I was actually there watching the demolition because I thought that would be interesting. I wanted to see what it would look like when the wall was gone.

The crew was swinging away with their hammers and whatever all equipment they had, and all of a sudden there was a crack in the ceiling. It was sort of like those movies where you look up and you see a crack, and the crack starts to spread, and then suddenly the plaster caves in and everybody is standing there surrounded by chunks of ceiling.

I’m positive that at that moment, the demolition crew wished I was a thousand miles away! We were all standing there with mouths gaping open. They were looking at each other and then looking at me and then back at each other.

In a way it was kind of funny. Except that as the ceiling was coming down, all I thought about was the extra work that it would entail to fix it.

I was not excited about the cost or the time of having to replace the ceiling.

They should have watched this:

I didn’t say much to the guys except, Well, I’m leaving now to go have a drink!

I did smile, and they half-smiled back.

I didn’t really go have a drink. I left so that they could clean up the mess and figure out what to do without me hovering.

I did call the builder later that afternoon, after he had had time to talk with his superintendent and come up with some kind of plan.

When he answered my call, he said, “Hey, Bella. So it looks like you’ll be getting a new ceiling!”

We talked and I was right, he did have a plan. It will definitely add some time to the project, but it’s not like the actual roof fell in or a load-bearing wall collapsed or something like that.

I went back to the bungalow this morning and the place had been all cleaned up. In fact, the guys were already at work on the ceiling. They had cut it back to a logical place and had already replaced the drywall, or whatever it is that a ceiling is made out of.

Obviously it’ll have to be textured and painted, but that won’t happen until the new walls are in place. Then they’ll do the texturing and painting of the new walls at the same time.

It is pretty cool to see the room with the walls down. I’m looking forward to seeing the new walls framed in.

When that happens, I will be able to better visualize the new living room and kitchen and bathroom. At that point I will also know if I’ve made a huge mistake in re-configuring the space! Ha. Just kidding.

I should mention that this morning I settled on new tile for the house. Since the tile-removal company came in and got rid of all that mishmash of other tile, I can see the floor better in my mind’s eye. I’m excited about the new tile!

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