Bringing in Green: Curb Appeal Landscaping

Redoing the Landscape

The landscapers came today.

They jumped in with their power equipment and had that jungle cleared back by noon. They hauled all the branches and stuff out to the road for me and put it in a few big piles. I’ll call the city yard waste pickup later and have them pick that stuff up.

It makes a huge difference having all the overgrowth cut back. The yard actually doesn’t look half bad, and I can already envision the beds and the sitting area and the paths.

I’m excited because there are some hostas in the beds, and I even found hydrangeas!

I’m actually astounded because this climate zone is not at all friendly to either hostas or hydrangeas. It’s too hot and humid here for them. So to have them in my beds, under all that stuff that was growing over them, is pretty amazing.

I hope I can keep them alive.

Another thing the landscapers uncovered was a stand of bamboo. It’s across part of the back yard. I hadn’t seen it because there were vines growing all over it. They pulled all the vines off which revealed this beautiful stand of bamboo. It’s full-grown so it’s about 25 feet tall.

Yeah, I know, you’d think I would have been able to see it, but it was covered with kudzu or something. I knew there was something tall back there, but I thought it was a tree. I’m elated that it’s bamboo!

I also have a jacaranda tree. It’s in pretty good shape. It has some dead branches but other than that, it’s fairly clean.

There’s a patio at the back of the house that has tile on it. I would like the tile-removal company to deal with that, too.  I can’t tell what kind of tile it is, other than that it’s U.G.L.Y.

From the bare tile edge that I can see on the concrete pad, there is at least one more layer of something under the tile. So I think they are going to need all of their fancy pry bars and chisels and stuff to get all of that up.

The front of the bungalow needs some landscaping attention as well. It’s pretty bare right now. I don’t like bare.
I would like to bring in some small trees, like maybe a Florida Elm. Actually, that will be too big for the space.

Probably a Bradford Pear would look better because it’s just smaller.
I would put the pear tree on one side as kind of an anchor. And on the other side I might put another pear or maybe a Crepe Myrtle. Then I think I would have beds across the front of the house and maybe going down both sides of the driveway.

I will put some low stuff in the front of the beds and higher things in the back. Like some African irisis or some snowbushes. The irises won’t get too tall, and the snowbushes will add great color.
So now that the initial clean-up has been done, I’m better able to plan what I will do. Fun, fun.

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