The Remodel Begins

The Work Begins

The tile removal company came today.
I was amazed at the excellent quality of their work and how quickly they were able to get the job done. Also how clean they left the place.

I didn’t go this route. I decided to get the professionals involved. I’m really happy I did.

They started at one corner of the house and basically worked their way back and out to the front. They brought in equipment that was able to suck up the dust as they pried up and moved the tile out.

There was a lot of dust that was raised as they were working, but it was never allowed to fill the air. They had two guys working on the tile itself, and then they had a guy on a machine that was able to suck up all of the dust as it was coming out.

There was a fourth guy that took all of the broken-up tile out of the house. He did that the entire day. I realized that must be a tiring job because tile is heavy!

They worked systematically through the house, lifting up all the tile and getting rid of the dust as they went.
It took them the whole day to get all of the tile up. My bungalow is not a large one, but it was covered with tile from front to back and side to side. So there was a lot to get up.

They will come back tomorrow and finish up the tile removal on the back patio.
Tomorrow the builder is sending a crew to begin taking out the walls that need to be removed inside the house.

Oh I should say that I got the revised drawings from the architect a few days ago.  I took them to the builder and everything is in order. So he lined up his crew and they will be coming tomorrow.

I’m staying with a friend who happens to live nearby. She has a guestroom and a place where I can work. This is perfect for me since I can keep working but I can also check on the progress of my remodel.
I really like new Smyrna Beach. It’s like a small town. Well, it is a small town. But it’s not so small that it feels like a dead horse place.

There is a nice Main Street that runs along the beach. It has little restaurants and cafés that have a lot of character. We do have a couple of fast food places but those are on either end of the town. They don’t ruin the looks of the middle part of the town.

I have found one particular café that I adore. It’s called Black Dog.

I like to take my computer there to work. There is Wi-Fi there that I can use. They also have awesome custom coffees.

I am a coffeeholic so that suits me just fine. It’s great to get out of my friend’s house and it’s sometimes nice to be away from the remodel project. So I go there to black dog to escape for a bit.

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