The People I Need for Floor Demolition

flooring remodel

Remodels and Tile Removal

The biggest initial project of this remodel, I think, is going to be removing the tile that’s throughout the house.

I take that back. Probably moving the walls around will be the biggest ordeal, since that involves the actual structure of the house. And making sure the ceiling is still supported and doesn’t fall down!

Still, the tile-removal is going to be a bear.

There are different kinds of tile in almost every room of the house. I’ve got terrazzo and clay and ceramic and I don’t know what else! I don’t like it; not so much because I don’t like tile, but because I don’t like the mishmash.

So one of my first things to do is find a tile removal company. I don’t know what’s underneath the tile. There may be an underlayer, or bare subfloor or even another layer of tile. That will all have to come out. Well, not the subfloor, but whatever might be on top of it.

Dust Free Tile Floor Removal

I’ve heard of tile removal companies that can do the job without leaving dust all over everywhere. I think they are somehow able to remove the dust as they work, with some kind of special equipment.

This really appeals to me, although I may be being a bit unreasonable about it.  I really would like to have as clean a house as possible during the remodel.

It seems like tradespeople can be very messy and leave their crap all over the place. Then if you have more than one trade in there, the workspace can get all cluttered and disorganized. Even if I’m not the one working in there, I would like it to be reasonably neat and clean.

So anyway, finding a company to remove tile is a high priority. Next I need to find a good builder. Actually finding the builder should be a higher priority than the tile removal company.

I need to have somebody come look at the roof as well. Yeah, I did get it inspected before I bought it, so I know it’s sound. At least enough to pass an inspection. But I want to get a roofer out here to really go over it again to assess it.

And then I would like to get a landscaping company.  All I really want is for them to clear out the underbrush and trim back the bushes. But I want to be careful about who I get. I’ve seen some peoples’ landscaping after their hired help has left, and their places looks awful. Bushes whacked off unevenly and that sort of thing.

The actual planting and selection of new plants is something that I will do. I enjoy that and I’m good at it. I may have someone design the backyard, though. I don’t feel as confident about doing that alone.

I’d like a sitting area, maybe with a gazebo or just an area with pavers and a couple of Adirondack chairs. I’d like a path and a bird bath. I want big beds around the perimeter.
So anyway, those are the three main things I need to focus on: finding a builder, finding a tile-removal company, and finding a landscaper.

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